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As a leading provider of residual stress measurement services worldwide we have accumulated a wealth of measurement data from all engineering industries.

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Example graph view of results.

Like us, our clients have also generated copious amounts of data and a central system was needed to intelligently catalogue and manage that data for easy searching and comparison, now and in the future. VEQTER’s Residual Stress Database has made that possible.

Developed with the support of AREVA, EDF Energy, Rolls-Royce and the US NRC, the Residual Stress Database allows their skilled engineers to quickly and easily find the data needed to support their critical decision making, whilst confident in using the most up-to-date version. As well as increasing productivity, the engineers gain confidence in the data used via comparison and benchmarking against other datasets, private and published.

As well as a source of residual stress measurement and modelling information, the database also promotes creativity and productivity via its collaborative workspace where engineers, clients, consultants and suppliers can collectively organise and share their data.

For further information or to register for the database please contact us on +44(0)117 992 7977 or at rs-database@veqter.co.uk.

Product Overview


  • Find private and published data easily and efficiently;
  • Centralised storage of the latest version of data and supporting information;
  • Standardised data formats ease storage and interpretation;
  • Easily compare data to identify trends and increase data confidence;
  • Central workspace to aid sharing and collaboration;
  • Reallocate resources from repeating lost work to filling knowledge gaps.

Project Data:

Upload projects by defining a component's manufacturing, measurement and modelling lifecycle along with technical drawings, photos, results, reports and other supporting documentation.

Project Data Image

My Projects:

  • Focused access to your projects and other interesting projects you've identified, public or private;
  • Search and compare within your projects;
  • Project updates highlighted with team member and time stamp;
  • Your recent searches and comparisons listed for quick repetition.

Search Projects:

  • Search the database using filters or the search engine;
  • Filter by Component Shape, Joint Type, Manufacturing Process, Materials, Measurement Location and Measurement Technique;
  • Perform your "Favourite Searches" with a single action;
  • Show results from your Company data and/or published data.

Compare Projects:

  • Compare project results, figures and lifecycles;
  • Plot, manipulate and interrogate stress and strain results;
  • Print or copy graphs, or export the data for further analysis.

Database Screenshots


  • Invite colleagues, consultants and suppliers into a project to facilitate collaboration and sharing;
  • Ensure version control with a single data and information store;
  • Set access permissions for each team member for confidentiality and to facilitate "blind-testing".


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